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People are loving the moves of Atlanta Pride’s amazing ASL interpreter

David Cowan demonstrates his skills at Atlanta Pride (Photo: YouTube)

Footage of an ASL translator from Atlanta Pride on Sunday has gone viral – helped in no small part by being shared by deaf, gay celebrity, Nyle DiMarco.

DiMarco shared the footage on his Twitter feed yesterday.

The interpreter, whose name is David Cowan, can be seen throwing himself into his job and joyously translating the lyrics with plenty of dancing and emoting to emphasize the meaning of the words.

The post has prompted over 60,000 likes, and Cowan himself was quick to respond, thanking DiMarco for sharing.

“Thank you, @NyleDiMarco for posting this… That crazy guy is me! It was located at Atlanta Pride event. There were several different songs at the event. I believe this particular song in that video is “Get Me Bodied” by Beyonce.”

Some people had said it was infuriating that DiMarco posted the clip without music… comments that prompted a swift response from others to remind them that that’s the reality of being deaf and highlighting the importance of interpreters!

Most people just had nothing but love for Cowan, who is himself profoundly deaf.

“This was so wonderful, it literally made my day,” commented @HulkMeow. “I love the passion you have for your job and how fun and accessible you’re making that for people that weren’t blessed with something we take for granted every day. Thank you!!”

“Sir, you are a delight,” said @thermogoddammit. “You definitely are giving off Beyoncé vibes. Even more impressive with your beard.”

Cowan is already well known among Atlanta’s deaf community and is a respected interpreter in the area. He interprets each year at Atlanta Pride (where he’s been a Grand Marshal) and at local drag shows, as well as for Government conferences.

Video, with music, has also been posted to YouTube. Watch below.

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